Moore sent down, Johnson up

Roster Moves

Jim Johnson up, Scott Moore Down: It was announced last night that Jim Johnson would be promoted to Baltimore and Scott Moore would be optioned to Norfolk. This looks to be things getting sorted out of Thursday’s doubleheader. Eight relievers got used and with the pitchers going an average of 5 innings a start, the bullpen’s getting taxed early last night. Look at Dennis Sarfate. I left around the 5 inning last night, much like most of the Orioles starters, and the pen imploded last night. It had to happen at some point.

Sarfate pitched 1 inning. He gave up 1 hit, 3 runs, 4 walks, and struck out 2. Pretty ugly, but Sarfate shouldn’t have been used last night but Jamie Walker imploded right before Sarfate. Walker gave up 3 runs without getting an out. I can second guess Trembley and say that he should have used Greg Acquino instead of Sarfate, but if Walker hadn’t have had a bad outing then it would be moot point.

Back to the moves, It looks as though Matt Albers could be getting spot start and Johnson would be long relief. That’s all fine. After an unplanned double header, things have to get tweaked.

I’m not happy that Scott Moore is going down. He’s one of the few options on the bench that has a viable bat. He should getting more at bats than he has, but a little time in Norfolk getting at bats every game can help him out for a little bit. He can be eligible to be back after 10 days, It’d be nice to see him back in Baltimore then. But Moore needs regular playing time and if some starts in Norfolk will get him everyday playing time and get him a rhythm thats great. Once he gets that rhythm, hopefully a veteran will be traded and he’s got an open spot. But hey, at least Brandon Fahey is still here….


For the moment, Because once Freddie Bynum gets healthy, Fahey’s going to Norfolk. I forgot about Fernando Cabrera still being in the organization. I wonder who gets bumped for him.

3 Game Skid:

After hot start, the O’s have lost 3 games in a row. What’s frustrating is that all of these games could have been won. Both of the Texas losses were only by two and one runs. The game last night was a blown win. Hopefully the bullpen can regroup and be ready today. Daniel Cabrera’s pitching, so he could go 8 innings or not make it out of the second.

O’s continue rampage—make it 6 and 1!

(AP Photo/LM Otero)

The O’s ruined the Rangers’ home opener by spanking them 8-1. That’s now 6 wins in a row, as our ORIOLES HAVE THE BEST RECORD IN ALL OF BASEBALL, BABY!

Luke Scott continued his tear, by going 2-4. In what was sure to be an angry response to Miguel (no longer Miggi) Tejada’s homer last night, Scott hit his first homer as an O. It’s amazing that we have a real life left fielder now. Scott’s done more in the past 9 games than those bunch of jokers in left over the past few seasons have ever done.

Speaking of Scott, Scott Moore got his first in a trifecta of starts. He spelled Melvin Mora at third today and led it off with a homer. He did seem to be swinging for the fences all day, I’m sure that’s because he’s trying his hardest to stay up here and get at bats. After this, I’m sure Trembley’s going to make more time for him.

Aubrey Huff went 4 for 4 today with 4 RBIs. Its awesome that he’s not doing his usual “I’m a slow starter” schtick. Keep that bat hot Huff and the boos will cease.

Brian Burres wasn’t bad. He worked his way out of a few ugly jams a couple times, but I’ll take 6 innings with 7 hits (6 of ’em singles), 3 K’s and 2 BB and 1 ER. That’s far better than I thought he’d do. Happy Birthday, Burres.

The bullpen again was solid Matt Albers pitched 2 innings and struck out 4. Greg Aquino, acquitted himself from his debut, pitched a scoreless ninth. Before the game, the bullpen ERA was 0.84. Unbelievable.

I feel like I’m in a bizzarro world. The first 7 games have been the complete absolute polar opposite of what usually happens in an Orioles game. Usually one of the following scenarios happen:

1) Good performance by starter, bullpen blows it.

2) Good performance by starter, but zero offense

3) Good performance by offense, but starter has awful start.

4) Decent performance by all parties, but after 7 innings the bats get shut down and they lose by 1.

5) Sloppy defense proves costly in 1 run loss.

So far this season—

Starting pitching– Nothing amazing, but for the most part, its been decent. Decency keeps the ballgame close (and pure).

Bullpen– Lights out awesome

Offense– The offense has been a murderer’s row, nor will it be, but its been all about timely hitting. During the M’s sweep, we never plundered them….but got a hit when it mattered. The O’s of the past few years would have refused to have done so.

Defense– Pretty good. I’m not on the Luis Hernandez bandwagon by any means, but the past few games his defense has been nice, not to mention some well-timed hits.

Will it last? Who cares. These O’s are giving it their all and watching games are a blast right now.

Let’s say it one more time…..


O’s crush the much hated Nats

It’s only spring training, but we gotta take ’em where we get ’em. The O’s demolished the arch-nemesis known as the Washingtonal Nationals today by a comfortable 11-3 margin. The tease we all know as Daniel Cabrera went a strong 5.1 innings. Cabrera struck out 5 and walked a mere 1 batter. He ran out of gas in the 6th and gave up a two-run homer. So it’s time to ask that blasted question “Is this the season that it all clicks for Cabrera?” After last season, I’ve written him off as a wash. When he’s good, he’s good….but when he’s bad, ooooooh my is he bad. Maybe Krantiz is the guy he needs as a pitching coach. But his past two pitching coaches have been Ray Miller and Leo Mazzone, neither are known as the Terry Crowley of pitching coaches. No more excuses for Cabrera, if it doesn’t work this season, it’s time for this rollercoaster love/hate relationship to end.

A few odds and ends

-Luke Scott hit a 2 run homer today.

-Adam Jones hit 2 doubles today.

-Scott Moore is batting a hefty .556 this spring.

-Rocky Cherry has a 0.00 ERA thus spring. If  he keeps this up, he might force his way into the bullpen.

-Melvin Mora has a .455 average. If he does this during the season, some team might actually take that contract.

-Steve Trachsel has a 6.92 ERA this spring. He best not start on opening day.

-Radhames Liz has been sent to Minor League camp. I’m not upset over this. Macphail and Trembley are showing that they’re not rushing the kids to be on the big club just for the sake of being there. Liz’ll be back and he’ll be better when he is.

-Jim Hoey is sidelined indefinately with biceps tendinitis in his right arm.