Roberts swap for Floyd?

It’s been awhile since there’s been any trade talk surrounding Brian Roberts, so Roch has something_fresh_and_new.

The deal that the White Sox would like is a straight up swap of Gavin Floyd for  Brian Roberts. The Orioles in typical Andy MacPhail fashion would like another minor leaguer or two tacked on. Roch follows up with_the_suggestion_that the O’s should try and get minor league 2nd baseman Chris Getz added on to the deal.

I think Gavin Floyd for Brian Roberts is fair. If the O’s want to add Hayden Penn or Radhames Liz or another more quality player onto the deal to get another one from the Sox then that’s fine.

I’d hate to see Roberts go. He’s my favorite current O. I have his jersey and I think he is the best leadoff hitter in baseball and a dang good second baseman too. That said, he’s mostly likely not going to re-sign. When that happens, would you rather have him walk away and get two draft picks (ask the Bluejays how they like that 3rd rounder for AJ Burnett) or trade him now. I think last season’s hauls for Tejada and Bedard has some of us greedy. MacPhail fleeced two inept GMs (Bavasi and Wade) and that’s not going to happen with Kenny Williams most likely. Remember Roberts would be a 1 year rental for the Sox, so giving up a 25 year old 17 game winner for a rental would be a more than fair trade.

The pitching rotation is Jeremy Guthrie and 4 empty slots and the looming spector of Mark Hendrickson. Jeremy Guthrie, Gavin Floyd, and 3 other spots makes it 20% percent better. A future rotation of Guthrie, Floyd, Matusz, Tillman, and Arrieta sounds good.

It’s been a slightly depressing offseason. I was never a staunch advocate of paying Mark Teixeria a billion dollars to play here, but it still stunk to see him go to the Yankees. The O’s end up trading Ramon Hernandez for Ryan Freel and 2 apparent AAAA players, sign Cesar Izturis, add Mark Hendrickson and don’t look now but they have interest in Richie Sexson (Schmuck reported it a few days ago but I don’t feel like finding it). 3 or 4 years ago these moves would have been exciting, now they’re rather mundane with the exception of Sexson, which would be labeled as dreadful. This is rebuilding folks. You’re not wild about Izturis? Well, the next best thing in the system at the moment would be Brandon Fahey. Would you like that better? The bench has stunk for the past decade. Freel makes it somewhat better. Hendrickson and possibly Sexson? Tall filler and easy targets. These are short term stopgaps. Exciting. No. Depressing. In some cases Yes.  But that’s the way it is. Marque names aren’t going to be signed normally during rebuilding. I’m trying to say optimistic, but when I hear names like Eric Hinske, Richie Sexson, and Sean Casey in the race to be the 2009 first baseman, it brings us all down. A trade for someone like Floyd could excite some more folk after this K-mart Blue Light Special offseason.