Tim McCarver makes my brain cry

“He went from reading books to reading pitches.”

Wrap your brain around that enigma from last night’s game and once you’ve passed out from frustration and irritation, I’ll explain it to you.

The annoying Joe Buck, who besides doing Baseball, NFL, and NFL Pre-game shows also finds time for those lame Holiday Inn commericals, told the story on why Nate Robertson wears glasses on the field. Basically, he tried to wear contacts but they made his eyes too watery. So the guy made his major league debut wearing his reading glasses.

Then Tim “babbling buffoon” McCarver goes for the grand slam.

“From reading books to reading pitches.”

You’re a moron. Earlier this season he said “Fundamentals are a fundamental part of a baseball.” Once I wiped the blood out of my ears and got out of the fetal position, I cried and cursed Tim McCarver. Lines like that cause the death of brain cells.

Why is this clown still calling games? He must have pictures of Selig. I’d hope so anyway. Otherwise, someone enjoys torturing the baseball loving public.

Here are plenty of pearls of wisdom from this windbag.

I’ll watch the game tonight, but with the mute on the tv and I’ll deal with the 5 second delay from the XM.

Take that Tim.