O’s Power Ranking

Here’s something I’m going to give a shot. Every sport on every major sports site has power rankings. Most of them take themselves much too seriously. I’m going to give ups and downs on what’s going on in Birdland.

Rank             Direction             Who?                            Snarky oh so clever comments

1.                      UP                 The bullpen                    Looks better than last year’s jokers


2.                      UP                 Luke Scott                     Miggi who? 

3.                     UP                 Melvin Mora                   Scott Moore can’t be too happy

4.                   DOWN             Gary Thorne                   It’s Richie Sexson….NOT Richie Sexton

5.                   UP                   Luis Hernandez              Game winner yesterday, 2 hits today.

6.                   DOWN             Adam Loewen                More of the same. Is he the Canadian Cabrera?

7.                   PUSH               Rotation                         Medicore enough not to lose

8.                  DOWN         Jim Hunter MASN Commericals        They annoy me.

9.                  UP                   Matt Wieters                     2 HRs in his debut.

10.                UP                   Brian Roberts                    Playing great to start the season.

11.               DOWN              Peter Angelos                   DUH