Cooperstown Castoffs

One of the things I like about Cooperstown voting is seeing the guys who get a vote or two. You always know its some writer who’s buddies with a player, owes him a favor, or just honestly think that he is actually is hall of famer. Whatever the reason, I am assumed. This years bunch:

Rod Beck 2 votes

Sadly, Rod Beck died last year. I’m not going to dwell on the fact that he got two votes. A couple of writers thought it’d be a nice gesture to give Beck a couple of votes posthumosly and that’s fine by me.

 Travis Fryman 2

I know very little about Travis Fryman. I know that he played for the Tigers and Indians. I know Travis Fryman was not a Hall of Famer. Hey, I didn’t know he hasn’t played since 2002. If someone’s a Hall of Famer, you should notice when they’re gone.

Fryman’s baseball reference page

Robb Nen 2

If Rob Nen would have managed play past the age of 32, there’s a chance he could have gotten more than 2 votes. Nen was a good closer. I remember watching him with the Marlins and the Giants and he had some nasty stuff. 314 saves and a career 2.98 ERA are good numbers. Even he had played 5 more years, he’d probably be in the boat as Lee Smith. Smith has 478 saves and he’s not in.  

Nen’s baseball reference  page

Shawon Dunston 1

Dunston played 18 seasons and batted .269 for his career. Why he got a vote? I don’t know. The only reason I think of is that his brother is a reporter. When I’d watch the Braves when I was kid and they’d play the Cubs or the Giants and Dunston was playing for them, I thought he was a good player. When we are kids, sometimes we like a player not because they’re good but we think they’re good because they’re playing baseball. Dunston always seemed to be laughing and smiling and I thought that because of that he was good. Bear in mind that I was 7 or 8 at the time. Time had past and once I realized what the numbers at the bottom of the screen meant, I realized Dunston was not a good player. I heard he’s a good clubhouse presence (don’t tell the O’s) and hey, as a bench player, you could do worse (look at the O’s benches the past couple seasons).

 Dunston’s baseball reference page

 Chuck Finley 1

Chuck Finley was basically a .500 pitcher with a couple of great seasons early in his career. After that, he wasn’t bad…but is was a lot of 16-11 type years. That’s not what I remember him best for though. I remember Chuck Finley best for getting beat up by his D-list actress wife,  Tawny Kitaen. Kitaen’s few claims to fame was a Whitesnake video and being on an episode of Seinfeld (the bad actress girlfriend). Sorry Chuck, you have my pity but I wouldn’t vote for you.

Finley’s baseball reference page

 David Justice 1

Another trip down memory lane right here. When I was a kid, David Justice was the man. This was when I cared more about the Braves than the O’s (sad thing is that O’s were good back then too, but the Braves were on TV down here and the O’s weren’t). I had my Justice poster on the wall in my room. I had a boatload of his baseball cards. I was doing the tomahawk chop and everything. This is the first time in a long that I’ve looked up his numbers. He had some good years but he’s definately not going to Cooperstown. He wasn’t going anyway, but his name popping up in the Mitchell Report erased any chances of double digit votes. 15 years ago though, I would have been heartbroken at fact Justice wasn’t going to the hall.   

Justice’s baseball reference  page

Chuck Knoblauch 1

The only thing you have to remember about Knoblauch was the 1999 season when he had 26 errors with the Yankees. He was throwing the ball in the stands when he tried to turn a double play. The ball was going between his legs. The ball was bouncing off his head. Oh it was a glorious mess. After that he failed in oblivion.

Knoblauch’s baseball reference

 Todd Stottlemyre 1

I barely remember Todd Stottlemyre playing baseball. Vaguely, I remember him pitching for the Cards, but really…who voted for him? I have nothing else to add here.

Stottlemyre’s baseball reference page