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  1. There’s clearly been a great outpouring of affection over the past two days for local legend Wild Bill Hagy. We’ve had new visitors to our blog (Roar from 34) who appreciate that we, and others, are remembering Hagy. There’s no guarantee that the Orioles will properly recognize Hagy, so I’m proposing that the Birds blogging community get together to organize an unofficial “Wild Bill Hagy Day” at Camden Yards. We all know that Wild Bill wasn’t a Camden Yards type guy. Neverthless, I think we should try and get the place good and rowdy in his memory.

    I’m contacting O’s bloggers vy e-mail or directly through their sites. My thought is to order tickets as a group and then promote the gathering through all of our blogs. It’d be great to hold the event during the O’s final homestand against the Yankees, which also happens to be “Fan Appreciation Weekend.” And Hagy, being a loyal O’s fan, hated the Yankees most of all.

    Do you think we could make one of those final three games “Wild Bill Appreciation Day”? I did a preliminary check on 30 tickets for the last game of the season and there were 30 available in the same Upper Reserve section. We could probably increase the number if we moved quickly.

    Thoughts? Ideas? I’m sure we could get some local coverage of the event and make it even bigger than our dedicated circle of O’s fans. It’d be nice to have a grassroots baseball effort that celebrated the Orioles’ past rather than bemoan its present.

  2. WOW! Great to see another O’s fan out there…
    Hi Ben, I’m Molly. Just started writing my own blog here on wordpress- mdbirdlover- although I’ve been engaged in a lot of football stuff these days.
    Mark Teixiera was reportedly at the Ravens game last night with Peter Angelos. I did not see him, I am a season ticket holder for the Ravens. A local radio station confirmed last night. But I have heard nothing today.
    I’d love for the O’s to pick him up. In Fact, I’m pretty sure all fans would agree. Thoughts on that happening?

  3. This is my first time on this site. It’s nice to see a fan who truly understands what the O’s need to do now and in the future. The past decade or so have been dissapointing but the team needs to stay focused. I think Angelos is starting to slowly realize how to effectivly run a baseball team.

  4. Hey Ben,

    Great BR Interview!

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  5. I just wanted to let you know that I decided to start a campaign to get my readers and other Orioles’ fans to vote for the Birds in the All Star game. I’ve made a few images that link to the ballot and are embeddable to websites and blogs.

    If you’d like to add one feel free.


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