2012 Baltimore Orioles

Over at BaltimeSportsReport that have their lineup predictions for the 2012 Orioles along with some analysis. Here are the projected lineups:


Jake Arrieta
Jim Johnson
Tommy Hunter
Brian Matusz
Zach Britton
LRP: Steve Johnson
LRP: Chris Jakubauskas
MRP: Mark Worrell
MRP: Troy Patton
MRP: Juan Cruz
Set-Up: Kevin Gregg
Closer: Dan Klein

Brian Roberts, 2B
J.J. Hardy, SS
Adam Jones, CF
Mark Reynolds, 3B
Nick Markakis, RF
Matt Wieters, C
Chris Davis, 1B
Josh Bell, DH
Nolan Reimold, LF

Brandon Snyder, 1B
Blake Davis, IF
Matt Angle, OF
Caleb Joseph, C

What does everyone think? As always their offense is going to live and die by Brian Robert’s health. If he can stay healthy and play well, they are probably a top 5 and definitely a top 10 offense. This team really only has a shot at contending if their young starters can stay healthy. If you think Roberts can stay healthy and the pitchers can turn it around, maybe the Orioles an content for the division. You can probably get pretty good odds betting them at this online sportsbook.


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  1. I do not see Andino anywhere, from this angle you do not see the possibility of getting Fielder an d a must needed experience arm

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