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Orioles FANS, Happy Its Almost Raven Time!

Orioles FANS, Happy Its Almost Raven Time!

This will be a double feature story. This story will appear on both this Ravens Red Zone, and also Camden Central:A Baltimore Orioles Blog for Sports Blog Net, so this is some history in the making folks! So maybe you all are getting the urge to pop open a cold brewskey from your $20 Flea Market Fridge lol?

“Thank God” we have the Baltimore Ravens! Enough with the damn torture Orioles! You have turned our sports town into a damn joke! Well we aint laughing bucktooth! If the Orioles would have been the worst team in MLB the past 2 years instead of the 3rd worst(Nationals, Pirates) we would have Strasburg and Harper. Now the Nationals are the talk of baseball, and we have become even bigger of a joke. I swear if I ever go to a Orioles game at Camden Yards(It better be free, that circus team aint getting my hard earned dollars) and if I see the Oriole Bird, I might just throw a uppercut like Mike Tyson on him!

Comparing the Ravens to the Orioles is like comparing “Opposites” and “NO They Dont Attract here in B-more”. You have a winning franchise(who never lets us down in the Ravens) and you have a team in the Orioles who constantly tries to lie, and tell us how good they will be, only to be dissapointed harder than the year before. Being a Orioles fan with “Hope of winning a World Series” is like being on “Death Row” your wasting your life!

If I were Peter Angelos(owner of O’s) I would try to hang out with Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti! He could take some notes on what it takes to be a succesful, professional sports owner. Angelos is more “Clueless” than Alicia Silverstone was in that damn movie. Sell the team already! Summertime baseball has gotten so bad with the O’s, that I am thinking about becoming a minor league baseball fan. Our Bowie Baysox are competitive, cheap to see, and they do alot of firework nights. I need to BURN my Orioles jersey to hell, and purchase a BaySox jersey.

Yeah, Im keeping my Ravens jersey! After all, I dont have to worry about getting my *ss kicked wearing it, like I do when I sports that Tejada jersey. People are getting stomped sports O’s shirts here. Its almost like wearing a Taliban shirt. People will wanna tape there knuckles up, and dance with you on the street. 4 fans have reportidly been beat down in the last 2 weeks wearing O’s shirts. Im waiting for the day where our local news gives out a warning “NOT” to wear Orioles shirts for safety reasons. Stick with your Ravens shirts…after all they are winners!

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