Trembley Still O’s Manager….But Remains in Hot-Seat!

  Dave Trembley has “SURVIVED” better than Rupert or Russel Hantz! But how long can Trembley remain as the skipper, on the O’s sinking island of misfit players? McPhail has been almost meeting on a daily basis with O’s owner Peter Angelos, and things dont look good for Trembley. At this point, I think its almost useless for the nerdy McPahil to act like Donald Trump and tell the skipper”Your Fired”!

Unless the O’s have a skipper who would sell tickets aand bring back “The Oriole Way” by bringing in a Cal or Billy Ripken or maybe even a Rick Dempsy type manager, then I dont see the use of making one of the O’s reject bench coaches Interm Manager! After all the O’s currently stand to recieve the 1st Overall Draft Pick in the next years Baseball Amatuer Draft.

I say “Keep Losing” so we can draft a player who WILL make a impact in “BirdLand” in the next couple of season. Trembley is TOO NICE of a guy to be skipper. The O’s players have abused him, and have done everything BUT earplugs in there ears when he speaks to them. Trembley is a nice guy, but in the MLB…..Nice Guys Finish Last!!


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