Who Wrote FF On Bill Ripken’s infamous 1989 Fleer Card?

  In 1989, Orioles 2nd baseman, and Cal Ripken brother, Bill Ripken became famous for the ERROR baseball card, that had all of America laughing! According to many reports, Bill Ripken wasnt safe no where, and almost got into a couple of bareknuckel fist fights, because people would call him FF(And no lol, FF does not mean Friends Forever!). Today this card is still one of the baseball card industries biggest mysteries!

Ya dont need to call Robert Stack at Unsolved Mysteries lol, I did my own internet investigation! For years many thought it was one of the O’s players. After all Bill Ripken was known as a “Hot Head” who got his way because he was brothers with the Milkman Cal Ripken, and his dad was O’s manager for some good time. I dont think Fleer wrote FF on the bottom of his (Non-hitting) barrell of worthless bat! BUT yes, they seen the FF before the printed cards. After all, they had 6 proof readers, who all had to check the card for a ERROR.

Either the proof readers didnt do there job(ERROR cards were at a all-time high in late 80’s early 90’s) or they were drunk, or Fleer let it go by, in order to create buzz for the card. I believe the players got back, at the team jerk! The guy nobody could stand in the locker room! Bill Ripken to many of his teammates….may have been a FF! And on this day(1989 Fleer photo day) his teammates got paybacks! In the end Bill Ripken ended up as the JOKE of America lol!


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