Glenn Davis…..and the BarFight That Ruined His Career!

  I still to this day remember where I was at, the moment the O’s traded for what looked like the trade of the century, when they traded for Houston Astro’s All-Star Powerhitter Glenn Davis. Today it is considered by many as the worst trade in franchise history. In 1991, when he was traded to the Orioles from the Astros in exchange for Steve Finley, Pete Harnisch, and Curt Schilling.[1] Schilling went on to become among the best pitchers in baseball, Finley was a two-time All-Star and five-time Gold Glove recipient, and even Harnisch had two 16-win seasons after leaving Baltimore.

Davis was a Class-Act….cough…1st Class-Jerk. I remember being a 16 year old with his dad, we were die-hard O’s fans. We waited after the game, in hope of getting the O’s newest sluggers autograph in the parking lot of Memorial Stadium. In the old days, players would be forced to park near the fans cars. Davis was the 1st person I ever seen to have a SUV. Back then, they were only a Texas type ride. Davis got a attitude when a group of fans(including me and my dad) asked for his autograph. It became clear to me at that point, he was pissed he was traded to the Orioles. Davis told us to”Get out of my F*ckin Way”. I never at that point had heard a player cuss at his own fans. What a *sshole I thought.

Glenn Davis and his pissy attitude would NOT fare well in Charm City. After only ONE week of coming here in the worst trade ever, he would have his jaw broke in a bar room brawl. The guy who broke his jaw, was a local teamsters member, who was a local boxer. Davis according to reports, started beef with him, because he thought he cut him off to get up front to place his order at the bar. Davis told him to “Get behind me, or I will break your nose”. The local boxer popped Davis with a HomeRun bareknuckel punch, sending Davis and his all-most guaranteed Hall Of Fame Career to a smashing BOOM!

Davis would have a broken jaw. A week later on the news, the boxer even said he told Davis”He would break that jaw, so he cant use that filthy mouth of his” and he backed it up lol! Davis had a wired jaw, and had to drink through a straw for 12 weeks. Glenn Davis…yeah he was the hotshot with the filthy mouth to Baltimore fans. After only one week….he was shut up….Baltimore style lol!


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