Garret Atkins and O’s 1st Baseman…Jokes-R-Us!!

 Garret Atkins and the O’s 1st Baseman are hitting .226 with no homers, 11 RBIs and six runs in 38 games. They are the only team in the majors without a homer from a first baseman. Toys-R-Us move over Grover…..and welcome “Jokes-R-Us” the Orioles 1st basemen team! This damn Atkins has made me look like a fool. Before the start of the season, I was in the Baltimore Sun’s B FREE DAILY paper commenting on how “Garret Atkins would belt 30 Homers this season” boy has he made me look like a *ss!

And when you make me look like a *ss, I return the favor 5 times more Hell-ish! Maybe its the damn horns on my drunken head? Maybe its the whiskey I sip on? Either way, Atkins(No relation to that NERD Jarred from Subway) has been the JOKE of the Town! People here are calling him “The Biggest Loser” and he isnt even a fat bum! This guy should be swinging a bat in Frederick(O’s Single A minor league team with no-names lol).

The Orioles “Brain Trust” may need to visit the Wizard of Oz, because they need to find some munchkins for a brain! The O’s had a whopping 9,200 fans at there game at Camden Yards , Monday night! The team is losing more fans daily, and these fools in the warehouse continue to sip on Jack Daniels and talk how good they are, then to actually go out and do there damn job! I know this is true. Years ago, I worked at a bar, where O’s front office used to visit. They were drunk there every night bragging about these players they had in the minors!

Peter “The Piper” Angelos need to SELL THE ORIOLES….or fire the entire warehouse crew! I have never seen a proffesional franchise valued in the 500 million mark, be runned my so many LOSERS! Sober up O’s front office! You have turned us into JOKES-R-US!!


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