Ultimate Family Value….Bowie Baysox Games Deliver!!

I recently attended a Bowie Baysox game for the 1st time in about 10 years, and I was very impressed! This may be the best family sporting event, I have ever covered. The overall value is amazing! Ticket prices range from $6-$14. And best yet, parking is FREE!! Usually I write a normal story on events I cover, but not this time. The thing has me speechless, is how much the Baysox make there baseball games, family themed! I went to the May 16th game, and it was “Bark in the Park”. Fans were allowed to bring there dogs to the game. You could hear dogs barking throughout the park. At one time, Louie the coolest mascot in sports, was walking the dugout, getting the crowd fired up, when a dog in the seats was barking at him lol. Louie the Baysox mascot is the man!! Kids love him. I was sitting next to a little girl about 4 years old. The whole game, she kept asking her mom “where is Louie?” her mom said”Louie is probally taking a quick nap” it was cute.
The Baysox has so many cool promotions, from Firework Night on every saturday night home game remaining, and every friday nights home game(except 2 games May21st, July9th) bobblehead nights, Meet WWE Legend Mick Foley(June 4th). They have a promotion almost everynight, and everyone looks like fun. Baltimore Orioles fans tight in the wallet, should really consider taking the 20 minute drive to Bowie. You will get a closer seat(5 times cheaper) in a less crowded enviroment, plus since Bowie is the Orioles Double A affiliate, you will see some future O’s before they hit Camden Yards!
The Baysox even have a “Kids Zone” where there is a Merri-Go-Round and other attractions to keep your little ones entertained! I took some pics of it, but unfortunalty a few were accidently deleted. So you will have to go to a Baysox game to see the rest with your own eyes! I have been called “America’s toughest sports critic” once too many times in my life. But when something passes the test like the Bowie Baysox have, I want to promote this event to YOU! We live in a tight economy, I aint a big fan for sports teams who want to suck the cash out of you. The Baysox games allow you to have a good time, leave with money in your wallets, and most importantly….they will have YOUR kids begging to come back!


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  3. Thanks Tom Clancys Splinter Cell!

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