The Orioles Could USE Charlie Sheen…Major League Style!

 “The Wild Thing” is a player the Orioles could use right about now! This team has less LIFE than a “Group of Prisoners on Death Row” for crying out loud! They could use the “Hell Rasing” coke bottle/nerdy glasses wearing Charlie Sheen right about now! Im serious! Yeah it was a movie, but Sheen is a acting legend who could turn into Mitch Vaughn in a drunken beer belch! Brrrrrpppp!

O’s player Nick Markasis and Adam Jones have been a joke! Both are overpaid and overhyped. Orioles owner Peter”The Piper”Angelos only signed Markasis because he is greek like the owner. Markasis has really turned into another player after getting like 12 million a season. Now he dont give a sh*t anymore. So what if he bats .148 or what ever. He goes home rich, plus his contract pays him in guaranteed money for another 7 years. The O’s pitchers are even worst(besides Kevin Millwood).

Damn we even have a “Harry Potter” lookalike as our President. Sign….. Charlie Sheen! The O’s could use a wildman! This sorry*ss team needs some life! Bring in the damn paramedics, do something O’s!


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  1. […] Just wanted to inform you Raven Red Zone readers, that I am also doing O’s stories for Sports Blog Net. Check out my latest O’s story! Its about time somebody comes in and represents Baltimore to a Drunken T! My latest story, I say why the O’s should sign Charlie Sheen(Major League style) this team could use some life. Here what I had to say….click on the link… […]

  2. […] full post on Camden Central: A Baltimore Orioles Blog Read […]

  3. Hey Camden Central

    Arjan from here wondering if you were interested in a link xchange?

    Let me know

  4. Sounds good Arjan, I will send you a e-mail this weekend.

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