MacPhail Tells O’s “Hit or Pack Bags”!

According to multiple sources, Orioles President if Baseball Operations Andy MacPhail has told his non-hitting O’s “To hit or pack bags for the minors”. But is this Harry Potter look alike… bluffing like a good game of Poker? Sources tell me, Nolan Reimold and Luke Scott are the 2 players that statement was intended for. Luke better hope the forces are with him just like a Star Wars movie, maybe he may want to switch from a tradional baseball bat, to a lifesaber!

Reimold has looked more CLUELESS than Alisia Silverstone all year. It is time to send him “Back to the Minors” like the Major League movie. I was in the B Papers “Water Cooler” thursday, and I was commenting on who I would like to see tasered at a ballgame. My newspaper answer was “Peter Angelos, he should be TASERED over and over until he decides to see the O’s!


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