Frederick Keys..Adam Pohl is NO Director of Public Relations!

I sent the Frederick Keys Director of Public Relations a e-mail over 2 weeks ago, requesting Press Passes. This guy never has gotten back to me. Is it because me and Fredrick News Post editor Jason Brennan dont see…eye to eye? Lol, when I blogged at Frederick News Post, everyday, I had 3 times as many readers as Jason…now adays, I have like 10 times more readers. He fired me…lol, he should have fired himself.

Now this guy Adam Pohl, what does he do at work all day? Is he sleeping, drinking, playing on the internet? I have never in my life NOT recieved a e-mail back after requesting Press Passes! Frederick Keys…this does NOT look good for your organization. If YOU dont want GOOD media, then I can serve you some sh*t media! I know all the big players/writers in Baltimore…we can let the public know the truth! I am waiting for the damn e-mail Adam! I decided to send this guy another e-mail tonight, here is what it said lol…

Hey Adam,
I sent you a Press Request over a week ago. I have heard nothing from you. I know its your job to get back to me.


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