Orioles Whip the Yankees for 1st Home Win in 2010!

 Miguel Tejada said it all week to anyone who would listen! “What better time to prove how good we are, then to sweep the Yankees and Red Sox at home” he recently told a local Baltimore newspaper. Sometimes these prediction sparks players. And on Tuesday night, it worked  in the O’s favor as they won there 1st home game at Camden Yards in 2010 to a crowd mainly filled with NY Yankee fans. The Orioles beat them 5-4 and sent them trash talking Yankee fans back to the Best Western Motel they came from! Enjoy your $100 a night room…suckers!!

Am I the new Orioles good luck charm? Damn, every team I cover wins! I am like a 4 leaf clover Baltimore! The O’s are about to become one of the best damn teams in MLB!! Looks like I started blogging about the Orioles at the right time. Im going to go crazy here….and predict right now, the Orioles make the playoffs THIS season.

If you dont believe me, then follow my track record, its better than any Money Train! I have yet to cover a team who has NOT made the playoffs. And its been a while since the Orioles danced in the World Series back in 1983. But I think this team has a legit chance to make the World Series this season. Tejada has pumped this team up, similar to his old days in Oakland. Think I am a Joke lol? Well keep checking back here daily, as the Orioles continue to win. I guarantee Tejada and the O’s sweep the Yankees, and Red Sox. We are legit, hop on the bandwagon now…..


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