Tim Lumber/Joe Moko in B Paper on O’s Question!

http://www.readoz.com/publication/embed?p=18756 Flip the pages to the Water Cooler on page 12. For the 1st time in history, me and Joe Moko have made the B Paper TOGETHER! This is the 1st time Mr. Moko has ever been in the newspaper, so he will probally be a little teary eyed. Pick up a B Paper today(wednesday) and check out the Water Cooler with Tim Lumber and the 438 pound former HotDog eating Champion, turned bareknuckel fighter Joe Moko! Go Orioles!!

Orioles Whip the Yankees for 1st Home Win in 2010!

 Miguel Tejada said it all week to anyone who would listen! “What better time to prove how good we are, then to sweep the Yankees and Red Sox at home” he recently told a local Baltimore newspaper. Sometimes these prediction sparks players. And on Tuesday night, it worked  in the O’s favor as they won there 1st home game at Camden Yards in 2010 to a crowd mainly filled with NY Yankee fans. The Orioles beat them 5-4 and sent them trash talking Yankee fans back to the Best Western Motel they came from! Enjoy your $100 a night room…suckers!!

Am I the new Orioles good luck charm? Damn, every team I cover wins! I am like a 4 leaf clover Baltimore! The O’s are about to become one of the best damn teams in MLB!! Looks like I started blogging about the Orioles at the right time. Im going to go crazy here….and predict right now, the Orioles make the playoffs THIS season.

If you dont believe me, then follow my track record, its better than any Money Train! I have yet to cover a team who has NOT made the playoffs. And its been a while since the Orioles danced in the World Series back in 1983. But I think this team has a legit chance to make the World Series this season. Tejada has pumped this team up, similar to his old days in Oakland. Think I am a Joke lol? Well keep checking back here daily, as the Orioles continue to win. I guarantee Tejada and the O’s sweep the Yankees, and Red Sox. We are legit, hop on the bandwagon now…..

Tim Lumber: I am New Camden Central Orioles Blogger!

Orioles fans, pop open a beer my friends! Its been a long season so far. We have just 3 wins for crying out loud! Trembley is still our Manager, and fans are calling for his head! The Milkman Cal Ripken has tried to come to the rescue like SuperMan! But I dont see a big S on his chest! I only see the beer belly he has picked up after his retirement! McPhail our nerdy, Harry Potter look-a-like GM doesnt have a clue either! If he doesnt think Trembley should be fired….then McPhail should fire himself!

Baltimore, I now have you covered on all of our teams favorite sports. I cover the Baltimore Ravens at www.ravensredzone.com and the Baltimore Mariners arena football team at www.thebaltimoremarinersreport.sportsblognet.com   and now I am covering the Orioles for Sports Blog Net. There is alot on my mind! I am NOT a happy Orioles camper! This team owes us more, and will be acountable for providing Baltimore sports fans with a more competitive team! Ladies and gentleman, log on to Sports Blog Net, as I cover Baltimore sports like NO other! In honor of Wild Bill Hagy the biggest Orioles fan to ever live(R.I.P. Wild Bill) I need to get drunk and raise some hell on the O’s! I will do so very soon if the O’s do NOT start winning!