I’m back

Its been awhile since I posted here or for that matter posted on any blogs. Of course I left here and went to blog at MVN and left shortly before MVN’s tragic demise. I’m back here again. Its ironic how life can run in circles sometimes. Now that that’s out of the way, its time to look at some of the Orioles’ moves thus far in the offseason.

  • Mike Gonzalez was signed to a two year deal worth 12 million total plus another 4 million in incentives. Gonzalez will shore up the bullpen and will likely be the closer (he saved 10 games for the Braves this past season). The Braves will get the O’s second round pick (44th overall at the moment) since Gonzalez was a type A free agent. I like this signing much more than spending a lot more money for Jose Valverdae or Fernado Rodney. Its short term and strengths the bullpen. I can live with it.
  • The O’s filled Melvin Mora’s vacancy at third with Garrett Atkins. Atkins gets a one year deal worth 4.5 million (plus 500k in incentives) with a club option worth 8.5 million for 2011. It has a 500k team buyout that I’m sure will get exercised. Atkins isn’t anything to worked up about but he’s a place holder for Josh Bell. He can play third and first. Its basically a one year deal that buys some time for the minor leaguers to get ready and anything Atkins produces will be gravy.
  • Chris Ray was traded to the Texas Rangers for Kevin Millwood. The Rangers also send 3 million to the O’s for part of Millwood’s salary. Millwood gives Baltimore a legit veteran starter who can eat some innings and pitch pretty good. Its much better than having faith in Steve Trachsel and Russ Ortiz. Millwood can hold his own, log some innings to save the bullpen, and help the young pitchers develop. For Chris Ray, its a good pick up. Ray had a promising first year a couple years ago as a closer but injuries derailed him. Hopefully, he can comeback strong this coming season for Texas. I always liked him even though he became through unreliable.
  • The O’s were mentioned as interested long shots for Free Agent OF Matt Holiday and Padres long time trade canidate first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. Holiday will be expensive and require some trades since the O’s outfield one of the teams few strengths. Markakis in Right, Jones in Center, Reimold in Left, and Pie on the bench. I don’t see the need to spend a lot of money on Holiday unless there’s something bigger in the grand scheme of things. Gonzalez would be nice but would require giving up some top prospects. It’d take more than Chris Ray to pry him away from San Diego.