2010…and Beyond…

Well, needless to say the Orioles franchise has been pretty pathetic since the 90’s.  It seems forever since I can remember a playoff appearance or even a winning season.  Lately though it seems the front-office is doing things to give us fans hope for the future.  It actually seems like they care.  There is a nice young fresh crop of talent on this team. Some of them have been on the team a few years and some are fresh meat.  Regardless though, there is a core of players on this team that really seemed motivated and dedicated to taking the next step.  Adam Jones is in line to become a super-star in this league.  I really believe that.  Nick Markakis should already be a super-star, but it’s tough to get love when you play in Baltimore.  Brian Roberts is the guy that seems to always help the team get thrings rolling by leading off the line-up.  Even though we only got a short look at Matt Weiters, I am very excited for this kid.  He seems as though he may have alot of All-Star appearances in his future.  See, there are guys on this team to get excited about.  This team needs to fill in some holes on defense, and definitely GET SOME PITCHING!!! Anything should be better then what we have now.  I have a friend who believes this team wil be competing for championships within 5 years.  I would like to believe that, I really would, but I need to see some more movement with the pitching staff.  Maybe even a free agent or two to help put it all together.  My question for you, fellow O’s fans, is what do you have planned for the future with this team?  What are your thoughts? Expectations?  Do you see the O’s going somewhere big in the near future? How about just for 2010?  For 2010, I just want to see us be closer to .500 or even above .500.  At some point this team is going to need to start showing they can compete instead of talking about how they will in the future.  Leave your comments below.

New Writer

Hello All!  I am a new writer on this Orioles blog.  I am a big Orioles fan, and I have been a big fan for as long as I can remember.  I am looking forward to writing on this blog, giving my opinons, opening up topics for debate, and recieving any feedback you all could possibly give me.  It’s the offseason so it might be slow going with late breaking news about the team, but I’ll try my hardest to write about things that could be interesting.  The offseason of any sport is the best time to put things in perspective and think about the good ol’ days and look forward to the future.  So keep reading.  Enjoy!!