Should the Orioles look to the minors?

Right now, the Orioles are in a slump. They started off 6-2, but have dropped their last 5, making them 6-7 at the almost end of April. Their key players have been doing well, such as Roberts, Markakis, Jones, Huff, Scott, Guthrie, Uehara and Johnson. But they have many players who have been subpar as of late, like Matt Albers, Sarfate, Eaton, Bass and Liz along with hitters like Pie, Zaun, Freel who was just placed on the 15 day DL, and Cesar Izturis.  Gu

The question is, should they look to the minors early? They have many prospects ripping it up at their respective levels, and Brad Bergeson was just called up. Their hitters in AAA, like Lou Montanez and Nolan Reimold are hitting over .400 in the early goings, and Scott Moore is hitting .270. Also they have many pitchers doing well in AAA, such as David Pauley, David Hernandez and Chris Tillman, whom all have an ERA of 2.31 or less in April.

Now, what i want to know, is why we didnt have guys like Bergeson or Hernandez up at the beginning of the year, and you sign guys like Adam Eaton and Mark Hendrickson. Let the kids play, and then you can see how close your future winning days are instead of just estimating when we will be contenders. Montanez is 27, and he needs to come up. Given Pie is 24 and has potential, but if he is still struggling at the end of May or early June, and Lou is still tearing up Norfolk, put Pie on the bench and let Montanez start. And Ryan Freel is reportedly not happy with his situation already in Baltimore. You have places to put these guys, and you just need to step back and know that.

Its even more clear with the pitchers. You should have had Guthrie and Uehara the only 2 vets in the rotation and then have 3 kids fill out 3,4,and 5. The same goes for the bullpen, instead you have guys like Bass, who is struggling right now, and Danny Baez, who started out good but is struggling of late. Could have we done this coming out of spring training? possibly, but you need to know what you are working with before you bet it all on guys who havent seen Camden Yards yet.

On another note, we got to get healthy. We were 1st and then Mora went down, then followed Simon, Jones and Freel. Injurys are a part of baseball, but you need to know how to rebound. And we have Rich Hill hopefully coming back soon.

Anyway, we are home against the White sox for 3 games, and we have Bergeson, Guthrie and Eaton starting those games. Im just hoping we look more competitive this series as we have the homefield advantage.

UPDATE- the O’s have called up Montanez after placing Freel on the DL. This is a very good move, now lets see what he can do in the MLB when it really matters.

                                                                                                 by- Logan Quick


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