Post series report- O’s vs Rays: 4/10-4/12

Game 1: O’s 5  Rays 4.  Game 2: O’s 6  Rays 0.  Game 3: Rays 11 O’s 3.       OUTCOME- Orioles win series, 2-1

Player of the series- 3B Melvin Mora: .333 AVG, 1 HR, 7 RBI’s, 1 R- Mora had a hell of a series. He had all of his 7 rbi in the 1st two games of the series, but ended the series 0-2 in game 3. In game 1, Mora had his 1st multi-hit game of the season and drove in 3 runs, then in game 2 he went 1 for 3 with a walk, but the hit was big time. Mora hit a grand slam off Jeff Neimann, his 4th career grand slam. Mora is hitting .313 in the early season.

Suprise of the series- SP Mark Hendrickson: 1-0 1.69 ERA- Hendricks0n came into his Oriole debut toting a 3.25 career era at Camden Yards, and a 5.07 overall. But in the 1st game of the series, Hendrickson suprised all, going 5 and 1/3 innings and only allowing 1 run and 6 hits. He definally earned his spot on the rotation for now, until Rich Hill comes back from the 15-day DL, and then it still remains a mystery on what happens to the rotation.

Game of the series- game 2- in game 2, the O’s won 6-0 and gave them the series clinching win. Jeremy Guthrie had his 2nd strong outing of the 2009 season, going 6 scoreless innings and only allowing 5 hits. This was also the game Mora hit his grand slam bomb to cap off the 5-run 1st inning for the Orioles. Also, the club got 9 hits and the bullpen went 3 scoreless innings and only allowing 3 hits. The relievers who pitched were Matt Albers, Jamie Walker, and Chris Ray.

Goat of the series-  RP Brian Bass, AGAIN!!!!!!!!: 3 and 1/3 innings, 8 hits, 7 earned runs, and 4 Hr’s allowed, compiling a f’n outstanding, cy young calliber ( lol just joking folks) era of……….. 16.88 ( my god thats horrible)- Bass came in after starter Adam Eaton could only go 4 innings, and it got really ugly, really fast.  He allowed HR’s to Ben Zorbist( my god he has 16 career HR’s), Jason Bartlett( even worse, 12 in almost 1600 AB’s, ewww) and then All-star’s  Evan Longoria and Carlos Pena.  He did strike out 4, but when you do that bad, it just doesnt matter how many you K.

Moment of the series- 3B Melvin Mora’s grand slam, game 2: Definally exciting to see Mora hit his 1st HR of 2009, and a grand slam, no matter who it is. Mora definally ripped that Jeff Niemann pitch hard into the bullpen, socring Jones, Markakis, and Huff. It gave the O’s enough momentum to easily win the game. It just shows you how fast a game changes when that happens, 1-0 and then 5-0 in 1 swing. Way to go, Melvin Mora. It looks to be a great year for him.

Downlow- the O’s won the weekend series, it was also the 1st time they won the 1st two home series to start a year since 1998. The offense still looked good, and for the most part, so did the pitching. The Orioles could be 1 of the suprise teams in 2009 if they can keep this level of play up.

Writers note- Why the hell did we send down Matt Albers? I was livid when i heard this decision, he has a 3.38 ERA early on this season, and we send him to Norfolk. Given, Albers has options left, but it doesnt matter, you send down the guy who is sucking, at right now that is Bass ( he is out of options, big deal) and you just release Bass’s bum ass. ill take a 3.38 over a frickin 16.88 thats for sure. And Albers has potential, and Bass is probably peaked. What is your guy’s take on this whole situation?


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