Post-game report: O’s vs Yankees 4/6

– Cesar Izturis ( with the Dodgers)

Opening day couldnt have turned out better. We beat the bronx bombers 10-5. And we shelled their 161 million dollar pitch C.C Sabathia and completely shut out their 180 million dollar 1B Mark Teixeira, who was greeted back to Baltimore with a chorus of boo’s, and he went 0-4. Jeremy Guthrie looked exellent in 6 innings, allowing just 3 runs to the Yankees, and striking out 3. The whole offense was explosive on opening day, as they had 10 runs, 14 hits, and 5 extra base hits. The only player that didnt get a hit was LF Luke Scott, and he had an RBI walk.

The offensive play of the day was Cesar Izturis’s 2-run HR in the 8th inning. The O’s were winning 6-5, after leading 6-1 2 innings earlier. NYY relief pitcher Phil Coke left a pitch hanging, and Izturis smacked it into the 1st row of the left field bleachers. It could have been fan interference with Johnny Damon, but it had looked like Damon’s glove was in the 1st row, so they did not call fan interference. I personally think it was a HR that ultamitely gave the O’s a 3 run lead.

The pitching/defensive play of the day was when it was also 6-5 O’s, and the Yankees had 1st an 2nd with just 1 out right after Matsui jacked Chris Ray’s pitch for a 2 run HR. Dennis Sarfate came in and Xavier Nady was up at the plate, and hit a groundball right to Melvin Mora. He tagged 3rd base and got Nady out at 1st by 2 steps for the double play. It killed the Yankee comeback and gave the O’s the momentum back.

If you did read my keys to the game on my blog before the game, you would see Guthrie did exactly what i said was neccesary, and the Offense looked more explosive in 2009, even though they were one of the top offense’s in 2008. If the Orioles pitching staff can hold up and the O’s offense can put up decent runs 75% of the time, you could see this club end up at .500 in 09.

Player of the game- CF Adam Jones- he went 3-3 with 2 walks and 2 RBI. His 2-run triple in the 3rd got the O’s offensive explosion started, and he showed great discipline at the plate and great patience. It looks to be a great year for Jones if this is what he brings to the table in 2009.

Tommorow the O’s and Yankees square up for game 2 of the opening series. Japaneese superstar SP Koji Uehara will go up for the O’s against Chien-Ming Wang. Stay tuned.

                                                                                                   By- Logan Quick


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