2009 Orioles opening day report

Today is the day. Opening day. The one everybody has been waiting for since spring training started. And i have to say, the Orioles look promising once again in 2009. They once again have found the right combinaton of young players and veterns. And you get to see another glimpse of the future as well. And they have a couple of players nobody thought would end up on the roster(Simon,Bass), but they did do good in the spring, lets see what they do this year when it really counts. And of couse, in May or June, you get the see the future superstar in action, Matt Wieters.

Starting opening day against the dreaded,dispicable, much hated, New York Yankees, is Jeremy Guthrie. He was without a doubt the ace of the O’s staff in 2008, and will continue the same role in 2009. The keys to success for Guthrie against the Yankees are simple. #1- Keep his pitch count down. The 1st 7 batters for NY are good or decent, and can work a count, or worse if the get ahead in the count. Guthrie needs to throw smart pitches, and just get outs. and #2- Limit damage. People are going to get on base against Guthrie. He needs to keep his composure like he always does, and just work the batter in front of him.

The opening day line-up is: 2B Roberts batting 1, CF Jones batting 2, RF Markakis batting 3, 3B Mora batting 4, 1B Huff batting 5, DH Wigginton batting 6, LF Scott batting 7, C Zaun batting 8, and SS Izturis batting 9th. This Oriole offense should be high scoring again like they were in 08. And with Jones having a whole year of exp. and the addition of Izturis at SS, the offense should be even better in 2009. And the defense now fields 4 gold glove calliber players in Jones, Markakis, Roberts and Izturis. The keys to having successs against C.C Sabathia are this. #1- Work the count on him. Make him throw you strikes. This is even more important with batters 1-4. and #2- Dont leave ducks on the pond. Sabathia is good, and he wont let you get that many scoring oppurtunitys unless you shell him early, so when you get runners on 2nd or 3rd, DRIVE THEM IN!

And my 1 key for the game for the whole team is: Take control early. If you get a 2 or3 run lead on these guys by the 4th or 5th inning, you have to hold it down and not let them back in. Shut them out completely.

Well, there you have it, my opening day report. Hope you enjoy it. I think i am speaking for Baltimore City on this, and i am definally going to be screaming GO O’S! all day, and for all of 2009 (and beyond). Come back soon, we will be writing blogs all throughout the 2009 season.

                                                                                                 By- Logan Quick


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