Chris Gomez Returns to Baltimore

Here’s a feel good note to end the week on, Chris Gomez has signed_back_on_with_the_O’s.

It’s a minor league deal with a Spring Training invite. Unless Gomez goes 0 for 80 in Spring Training with 80 strikeouts and commits 30 errors (and I strongly doubt such a scenario), he’ll be a utility bench player with the O’s this season.  

I’ve always liked Gomez with his first stint with the O’s and was sad to see him go. But he’s back and with him and Freel, that’s two guys who can play second base and with no talk at all about Brian Roberts signing an extension it’s one of those things that make you scratch your head and wonder. Actually, You probably don’t need to wonder because if a Roberts extension doesn’t happen soon…he’ll be traded. Which makes me sad, but so it goes.

With this and the Uehara signing, it’s a solid week for the O’s.

Who’s playing first?

The search for 2009’s starting first baseman continues.

Two names that are now getting tossed around…

Roch_again_mentions Ryan Garko and makes reference to Ken Rosenthal mentioning the O’s have interest in Jim Edmonds playing first.

Really with all the names out there and Jim Edmonds makes it no different, Garko doesn’t sound horrible. He’s not the best player to have 1st, but he’ll be the best we’ve had in awhile. Until the team can get something better, I could deal with this. Edmonds…I’ve never cared much for him anyway and at this point, I’d take a solid pass…unless he could do diving cartwheel bellflops on routine ground balls. That would at least make it an entertaining signing.

Redding Likely Heading to the Mets

Jon Heyman says that former National Tim Redding is soon_to_be_a_met. It’s a 1 year deal, with the O’s just missing out. That’s all I really have to say on that one.


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