O’s and Uehara reach agreement

The O’s and Japanese right handed pitcher Koji Uehara reached_an_agreement for him to pitch for the O’s this season. The deal is a multi-year deal, but no other terms have been released yet.

I’m not overwhelmed by it, but it is good news.

  • The Orioles have finally signed a Japanese player. Baltimore never has had a Japanese born player on the team EVER. Perhaps this can establish Baltimore as a viable option for future Japanese free agents.
  • We need pitching, and I’d rather have an unknown commodity like Uehara over a been there, done that retread pitcher.
  • He has starting and closer experience, so if/when all the minor league boys are ready, he could go the pen if need be.

I’m not expecting a lot, he’ll be 34 in April…so I’m not expecting Nomo-mania redux. I just hope he can eat innings, get some outs, and doesn’t walk 2 to 3 guys an inning. Really, I’m just thankful that the Orioles have finally realized that Japan has quite a number of good ball players and decided to sign one. It could two,  since the O’s are still in for Kenshin Kawakami.


One Response

  1. Okay, so this is a good start for our pitching woes.
    The guy has decent career numbers in win percentage. I skimmed the Sun article.
    Did you hear the interview with Tex about being a big Yankee fan and always wanting to play in pinstripes.
    105.7 fm- the FAN- has played it a couple different times.

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