O’s add Hendrickson

Christmas came a little late for us, the O’s have added Mark_Hendrickson.

Long story short…he’s a tall guy with_a_5.07_ERA who’s been with plenty of teams. The deal is a 1 year deal and Hendrickson appears to be filling the role of long relief/spot starter (Perhaps Matt Albers will be moving to the rotation next season).

This is the part of rebuilding that stinks. Do I want to see Mark Hendrickson pitch next season for the Orioles. NO. He was dropped from the Marlins rotation last season and had a robust 5.45 ERA….That translates to probably 7.60 in the AL East. As a full time starter, Hendrickson has had a winning record once and that was in 2005 with Tampa with a 11-8 record and a 5.90 ERA. On a positive note, he doesn’t give up a lot of walks.

But look at it this way, Adam Loewen, Radhames Liz, Garrett Olson, and every other Oriole pitching prospect of the past decade have been rushed up to Baltimore because there’s no depth at the top to protect them and give them to full time they need to develop.  There’s plenty of pitching talent in the minors and the worst thing that could be done is to rush them up because they don’t have anybody else.

That said, I would hope there’s better 1 year rentals than Mark Hendrickson. I fear though that he’s a tall Jim Brower.