Coal in your Stocking:Teixeria signs with Yankees

Well, All of you who pinned your hopes on the Orioles getting Mark Teixeria are going to have a blue Christmas.

Teixeria signed today with….wait for it…surprise the_Yankees!

The terms are 8 years and 180 million dollars. That’s 22.5 million are season for Mark Teixeria. Some of you are probably upset that the O’s missed out. I would have liked to have Mark Teixeria, but not at that price and that length. When he’s 36 or 37 and making 22.5 million….will that be worth it. The O’s are rebuilding and committing that much one player (who..bear in mind…would probably be 32 or 33 when the team could possibly be a contender) would have been foolish. At the right price, I’d be in favor of signing him….but that wasn’t it.

Anyway, I like Andy MacPhail because he says_all_the_right_things.

“We can’t devote that many resources to one player, no matter where he’s from,” MacPhail said. “It doesn’t work that way for us. We have to follow the model of consistently good organizations like the Twins. We just can’t devote that much payroll to one player.”

That’s the way I feel.

And for those you who want to storm the warehouse with torches and pitchfork because your mancrush didn’t sign with the O’s and you’re sure it’s their fault:

(from Roch)

“We could have gone the same route as the Nationals,” said a team official, “and it would have ended the same.”

He wanted to play for the Yankees all along. I will have fun booing you Mark Teixeria. You’re dead to me.


One Response

  1. Nice Ben. I figured I wasn’t alone.

    Dead to me.

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