O’s looking at other Free Agents other than Mark Teixeria

Putting the Teixeria topic aside because I’m sick of it, Peter Schmuck gives_us_some_more_realistic_names_that_the_O‘s are talking to.

Position players

Aaron Miles

eh, whatever

We need pitching?

According to Schmuck the O’s are talking to…

Tim Redding, Kenshin Kawakami, Braden Looper, and…wait for it…Mark Hendrickson.

says Mark Hendrickson’s agent:

“Mark feels like he had a great start to the season last year,” Urbon said. “He had a mediocre to poor middle part of the season and he started to get back on track and the Marlins went in a different direction. He’s got a lot to prove [as a starter], but he also knows that he can be successful coming out of the pen in a lot of roles.”

I know we need some stopgap guys for a year or so until all the prospects are ready, but a_career_5.07_ERA does not excite me.

Ben Sheets does excite me, but Roch says that ain’t_happening because they’re worried because he’s injury proned. But we were interested in AJ Burnett…who’s only injured slightly less than Sheets and only great in contract years…go figure.

Hey, I’m glad they’re still conducting business outside of the Mark Teixeria traveling circus.