Cabrera signs with the Nats

The Washington Nationals are the newest team to be suckered in by Daniel Cabrera. Cabrera signed a 1_year_deal_with_Washington. Nats fans will be entertained by 1st inning meltdowns, 10 walk outings, plenty of runs surrendered, and a fair amount of beaned batters. Its fine though because IF he ever gets it all together, he’s going to be a filthy ace…just like Randy Johnson. Keep saying when he walks the first batters in a game, it worked for me plenty of times.

Oh and for the token Teixeria news, The_Angels_have_pulled their offer. If you’re keeping score at home, the Angels are out, the Red Sox might be, and the Yankees supposedly pulled their offer or haven’t even made one. That means it should only be the O’s and Nats left standing…but I don’t believe that. This is too compliated and annoying at this point. Sign some where Mark and I’ll decide whether to adore or hate you after the fact.