Tex ‘Unlikely’ now?

Nothing new on Teixeria front this morning, but I figured I’d throw this up before I run out in no exact order- buy a new tire (flats on rainy days in bad parts of town aren’t fun), start my Christmas shopping, and have lunch with a long lost pal.

So let’s start it up

  • Buster Olney says_that_unless_Tex takes_a big hometown discoutn, he aint’ coming home. Bear in mind, that ESPN’s Karl Ravech said yesterday that Tex was ‘enormous attracted’ to the O’s. Don’t take their word as fact. Anyways, Buster says that the O’s have the lowest offer of the teams and haven’t upped it yet. So who knows. I won’t believe any of this until Tex is at some press confence saying how it’s always been his dream to play and be paid by (fill in the blank).  
  • Rob mentioned in the comments on yesterday’s post that basically ‘Great if the team signs Tex, but what about the rotation?”  The rotation as it stands at the moment is Jeremy Guthrie and nothing. The Cabrera era ended with a non-tender and there’s apparently 11_more_suckers lining up to be rewarded with more walks than the eyes can see and numerous 4 inning starts. As for what who we’re looking at Schmuck mentions_a_few_names_, Tim Redding (who was non-tendered by the Nats…that’s not good), Brandon Looper, and the two Japanese pitchers, but not Carl Pavano. Carl Pavano is a walking injury report.

             My pure guess for next season’s rotation

            Guthrie, Paul Byrd, Redding, 1 of the Japanese pitchers, and Matt   Albers


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