Cabrera non-tendered

Sometimes good things come to those who wait, but sometimes you wait 8 years and Daniel Cabrera still hasn’t got together.

So after 8 seasons of failing to liveg up to the hype, the Orioles have_non-tendered_Cabrera, making him a free agent. Cabrera went 8-10 this season, with a 5.25 ERA. He walked a lot of guys again (90), struck out a lot fewer batters (2007-166, 2008- 96), and gave up 24 homers.

This had to happen. I finally stopped drinking the Daniel Cabrera kool-aid this season. Up until that time though, I was snookered by Cabrera’s “electric” arm, in retrospect it is electric….electric as a frayed extension cord in a puddle of water at a match stick factory…nothing good is coming out of that. Corny asides aside though, I kept hearing and reading and believing that if Cabrera could harness his raw talent he would be an ace and an anchor of the Orioles rotation for years and years to come.

But it didn’t happen. Daniel Cabrera ripped my heart out every fifth day. There would be occassional stretches where I’d think he might be turning around, but then he’d walk 8 or 9 batters in his next start and the downward spiral would start anew. It’s frustrating because he has the talent, but he can’t get it together. Ray Miller was a great pitching coach and he couldn’t get him straight. Leo Mazzone couldn’t, and now Rick Krantiz couldn’t. Krantiz had Cabrera throwing mostly fastballs and that worked for a time but then it didn’t.

A few years ago, I was all amped out about a future rotation of Bedard, Cabrera, Penn, Loewen. Flash forward to now and Bedard, Loewen, and Cabrera are no longer with the team. Penn is still struggling in the minors. Bedard is the only one of the bunch that was even good. Now he’s injured. That’s the cruel reality of the game.

It’s dissappointing but it’s nice to the O’s finally willing to cut their losses. Cabrera has had plenty of time to get it together in Baltimore, but it hasn’t happened. If a starting pitching starved team like the Orioles non-tendered him, its an indictment against Cabrera’s talents. Maybe he goes somewhere and gets it together. I doubt it, but if he does..then good for him. It wasn’t going to happen in Baltimore.

Happy Trails, Cabs. I’ll miss your ocassion brilliance, that start or two every season where you look filthy. I’ll miss when he’d play the role of enforcer and punk some guy (A-R0d, Sheffield) in a loss or for revenge. I won’t miss hearing Buck Martinez or Gary Thorne or whoever else saying “If he could ever get it all together, he’ll be a 20 game winner.” I won’t miss seeing him walk every other batter, or getting unraveled on the mound and giving up another homer. Let him be the headache and heartache of some other team. Some other teams fans can depressingly watch him meltdown on the mound and think to themselves “If only he could get it all together…he’d be awesome.” Chances are, he’s not. But I’ll get to watch a bunch of stopgap pitching and Jeremy Guthrie next season, and it’ll take Guthrie and 4 whoevers over another season of Cabs. Its a relationship that needed to be ended.