Roch mentions that A.J._Burnett_ain’t_happening.

You already know the Orioles aren’t getting A.J. Burnett, who should command a five-year deal. That’s two more than the Orioles want to offer, as I’ve been saying.

The Yankees are supposedly offering 5 years and at least 80 million for the pleasure of AJ on their roster. At that price and length, they can have him. I’m a skeptic on AJ and would rather not have the team commit that time and money on a pitcher who delivers only in his contract year and the rest of the time he’s banged up or medicore. He could be aces for the Yankees or whatever team he signs with or if he’s Carl Pavano re dux.


More on Teixeria, the Excitement and Thrills continue!

Peter Schmuck weighs in on the latest_Tex_rumors:

But an latimes.com report that the Orioles are “apparently willing” to offer nine years for $180 million has been met with incredulity from O’s officials. Maybe they will get to that point, but I’m hearing they aren’t close to that yet.

We’re guessing that they are closer to seven years at about $20 million per year, though that doesn’t figure to get it done.

And Schmuck_also_adds:

If there is some doubt on the part of Orioles fans about the true desire of the Orioles to sign Teixeira, consider MacPhail’s response when somebody asked him if he will head home tomorrow feeling like his trip to these winter meetings — which produced the Ramon Hernandez/Ryan Freel trade and an agreement in principle with free agent Cesar Izturis — was a success.

“If Tex signed with somebody else tomorrow,” MacPhail said, “it would be hard to walk out of here feeling liike it’s been a success. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be a success unless he signed with us, but it sure would be a lot more fun (if he did).”

Wow. Andy MacPhail really wants Tex. I’m used to the tight lipped “We’ll see what develops” MacPhail. So the O’s are all in on this one.

O’s Offering 20+ Mil/9 years for Tex?

Now that the Yanks have signed CC Sabathia, the focus is on a certain 1st baseman. Reports from the LA Times are that things_are_heating_up and the O’s are the middle of it.

With committing alot of money to Sabathia and seemingly focused on signing more pitching, the Yanks seem to be moving away Sabathia. That can always change because the Yanks seemingly print their own money.

Anyways, here’s what you want to see:

According to a source from a team who is involved in negotiations, the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles “are coming in hot” on Teixeira, with the Nationals apparently willing to offer the slugger a 10-year deal for more than $20 million a year and the Orioles willing to go nine years for at least $20 million a year

Wow. Its hard to imagine that it would be down to the Nats and O’s (I don’t think it is), but supposedly they are the two teams with big money offers on the table. 20 million/9 years for Tex is a lot but shoot, let it happen. There’s not many free agents who could come in and help like Tex would.

Signing Tex would make it easier to re-sign Markakis and Roberts and it’d make it easier to sign free agents. As long as some decent stopgap pitching is picked up, the O’s could be decent next season.

All right let’s stop this now…

Stuff like this is great to hear, but I don’t need to get my hopes up. My fear is that the Red Sox come in at the last minute with some crazy offe, sign him, and as a result the O’s re-sign Millar for 2  years.