Felix Pie: Round 2

Here’s something to spice up a slow start to the offseason, the_O’s_are_looking_to_get_Felix_Pie. The Cubs have fancied the Padres’ Jake Peavy and have come up short in their quest to have a pitching staff with three number ones. The Padres are desperate to move anyone of value and a third team is needed. Enter the Orioles.

Last offseason, Felix Pie’s name was tossed around. The O’s got Adam Jones, and Pie was never traded. Pie has gotten limited playing time with lukewarm_results. Apparently Andy MacPhail still likes him.

From the article

The Orioles have revisited trade talks with the Cubs about outfielder Felix Pie, according to industry sources, and could end up as the third team in a three-way deal that would send marquee right-hander Jake Peavy from the San Diego Padres to Chicago.

The way it works is the Cubs don’t have the prospects to deal straight up for Peavy. That’s where we come in because the O’s want something something too…Felix Pie, apparently.

The Padres, who are limited in trade talks for Peavy because of the 2007 National League Cy Young Award winner’s no-trade clause, covet Garrett Olson, a Southern California native. This offseason, the Padres asked for Olson in exchange for veteran shortstop Khalil Greene, but the Orioles rejected the offer. Olson, 25, is 10-13 with a 6.87 ERA in 33 starts over two major-league seasons.

The Pads COVET Garrett Olson. Not just want, but they COVET the Orioles for having Garrett Olson. That’s breaking one of the ten commandments, any I don’t think I would do that over Garrett Olson. They wanted him for Khalil Greene, whom I do not covet in the least. An Olson Greene swap does not interest me. I’d take Pie for Olson for sheer potential. I’d take Pie and Greene for Olson…straight up, or if another body had to thrown by the O’s. I’m not a fan of Greene, but if Pie was coming as well…then I can live with a season of Greene.

I think if this trade gets done, Pie would go to Left Field, Luke Scott goes to DH, and Aubrey Huff goes to first. If Mark Teixeria signs then he’d play first, but I doubt that happens. I strongly doubt it. If Pie lives to the hype that once surrounded him, the O’s outfield could potentially be one of the best in baseball in a couple years. Nick Markakis is already a great player. Adam Jones progressively got better last season before getting hurt towards the end of the season. If Pie gets added to the outfield, then that’s a lot of potential in the outfield.
I like Luke Scott, but I’d rather have him at DH. One other thing about this is that the team must not be too keen on Nolan Reimold. The guy’s 25 now and should be hitting Baltimore at some point. Maybe if this trade goes down, he can be the 4th outfielder….or does that job belong to Lou Montanez?

Olson for Pie? I’d do it. The O’s are starved for pitching at the moment, but I’d still swap Olson for him. The fact that the O’s have done about 250 trades with the Cubs in the past 6 years, I’d bet this happens.


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