Moose hangs it up

Image via the Baltimore Sun

Image via the Baltimore Sun


This one made me a little sad. Quite a few O’s fans have some venom for Moose for leaving the team and signing with the Yankees of all teams. I hated that he signed with the Yankees, but Angelos and company bungled that one up with some bullheadedness and giving Scott Erickson five years.

With Moose retiring, the last player of note from the winning O’s teams are gone from the majors…with the exception of perhaps Armando Benitez. Regardless though, the players who I remembered on those winning O’s teams, when O’s  and Yankees was a real rivalry and playoff trips happened every season, are retired. It’s been 11 seasons since the O’s have been a relevant MLB team. It’s probably going to be a few more seasons to go, but with Moose retiring, one of the strongest links of the mid-90’s hey day is gone.

It’s that cycle that the game goes through. Players come up and players go. It’s gotten to the point now that with Moose retiring, pretty much all the players that I grew up watching are gone. That makes me feel a little older.

I’m happy for Moose. For a player as good as he was, he never had a 20 win season until this year. I’m glad to see the guy go out on top instead of hanging around to get to 300 wins, no matter how bad he might look in a couple years. He went out looking good, that’s the best way to be remembered.

So, he leaves with 270 wins-153 losses and a 3.68 ERA. Is he Cooperstown bound? I think you could argue it, but I think he is. He’s got 270 wins, which a lot of today’s  pitchers will be hard-pressed to get. He thrived in the steroid era and in the AL East. I only hope he’ll go in as an O, but I doubt it.

Anyway, Congrads on a fine career Moose. Too bad it couldn’t have all in Baltimore.


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