Heyman’s not giving up on this Manny stuff

Last week, SI’s Jon Heyman casually mentioned that the O’s were among the teams interested in Manny Ramirez. I scoffed at it (still do, by the way) and then saw this  item_this_morning:

Unless the Dodgers truly get serious, sources indicate to SI.com that the Orioles, Blue Jays and Yankees, three AL teams that can offer a DH role, or perhaps even Philadelphia (which lost out on Holliday and whose manager, Charlie Manuel, was Ramirez’s first hitting coach), could blow away L.A.’s offer.

I still don’t believe that’ll happen. It’s not logical. Even if Angelos wants to quickly throw a winning team together, it wouldn’t make sense unless along with Manny, the team also signs Teixeria, Furcal, Burdette, Sabathia/Sheets, and Lowe. That’s a lot of money…a lot…and then possibly it makes sense to have Manny. That’s not the way to build a team and that’s not the way MacPhail is going to do it. That’s not going to happen, but that’s the only logical scenario to signing him.

Anyway, the new uniforms get debuted today, so I’ll be back with that.


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