Markakis extension talks ongoing

Here’s some good news for those of you who are tore up about Loewen jumping across the boarder, Extension_talks_with_Nick_Markakis_are_currently_a_happenin’. Last year when contract talks were happening, nothing got worked out and Markakis got his contracted renewed at a lot lower price and he wasn’t too happy about it. Now there’s the chance to make it right and keep a cornerstone player.

Forget about Loewen leaving, that’s small potatoes. Getting Markakis signed for the long haul is much more important to the long term health of the franchise. Just a hunch, but I think something will get worked out.


Loewen flees to Toronto

More on this tomorrow, but I saw this before I was going to bed and figured I should throw it up here now. Apparently Adam_Loewen_is_signing_with_the_Blue_Jays. So whatever gentlemen’s agreement on Loewen coming back to the O’s and learning to become an outfielder is out the window.

The whole conversion to outfielder was a longshot anyways, especially for a glass armed failed pitcher like Loewen anyways. Let’s not break out the Ankiel comparsion again because he lost control of his pitchers and he had more than Loewen’s kleenex durability. I could take some more potshots, but I’m really tired and frankly, I’m not too upset after all the let downs that has been Adam Loewen’s Oriole career. There’s the whole organizational loyality, gentlemen’s agreement thing, and all that stuff that’s going around.

The O’s could  have avoided this and passed on Loewen in 2002 and drafted Prince Fielder….

Or Cole Hamels…

Or Matt Cain…

Whatever, its over now.