Adopting a Playoff Team

Playoff baseball is great stuff. This week I’ve have quite the bout with an unrulely sinus infection and have had more time than usual to spend at the house. Having the ALDS and NLDS series on from 2:30 til closing time has been great. The atmosphere of playoff baseball is great. Today in Philly, Brett Myers had showdowns of 9 and 10 pitches against CC Sabathia. It’s not too often a player gets a standing ovation for a walk. In Tampa, the Grant Balfour/headcase Orlando Cabrera showdown was fun stuff and then Evan Longoria hit 2 homers in his playoff debut. Its fun stuff.

I need a team for a playoffs. Some team to root for since once again our beloved Orioles aren’t playing in October. I was thinking the Cubs, but shoot I’m an American League guy. If the Cubs win it, good for them. Those long suffering fans deserve it. I only pray that won’t result in overusage of the term Cub Nation.

I’m throwing my support to the Tampa Rays. Yes, I know they’re the division foes of the O’s. But I’m going to forget that for a few weeks.

Here’s my reasoning

  • This team has stunk for their entire exsistence. From the days of out of gas veterans like Wade Boggs, Fred McGriff, Greg Vaughn, and Jose Canseco and through the Lou Pinella regime and up through last season, the Rays have stunk. Up until this season, I always looked forward to the O’s playing them because I knew they’d get 2 out of 3 wins. That’s no more now. The starting pitching is vastly improved from the days of Ryan Rupe, Delvin James, and Tanyon Sturtze. The bullpen that the league used to feast on, suddenly got good, and their offense is pretty dang good too. They’ve never had a winning season until now. They don’t stink anymore, so they are the token feel good story.
  • They won the AL East. I’d much rather have the Orioles win it of course, but hey, it ain’t the Red Sox or the Yankees. They beat out the Red Sox for AL East title, and as a result, the Yankees are sitting at home now. Change can be good. Especially when it comes at the expense of the Red Sox and Yankees.
  • Those long suffering loyal few at the Trop deserve this. It was nice to hear the crowd noise there tonight. I remember plenty of games where that dome was more or less a silent tomb. Imagine that a couple of years ago this team was a prime candidate for contraction.
  • If the Rays can do turn their ship around, then there’s hope for Orioles.

So for the next few weeks, if they make it that far, I’ll support the Rays…because I can relate. For so long they and the O’s have adopted many of the same tatics. Signing washed up veterans, have had some bad draft picks, had some bad front office and managerial hires, and rushed what decent talent they had. I see in them what I hope the O’s will be in the coming years. The O’s are, I think, on the right track and hopefully sooner rather than later, I won’t need to ‘adopt’ a team for the playoffs because the O’s will be playing in October.