This is the End, My Friends

Today is the final of the regular season, which means the Orioles season ends today. It hasn’t been a bad season, it’s been a decent season with an absolutely horrible last month to it. That’s how it goes though sometimes.

In a way, I’ll be relieved to have the season over with. The how-low-can-you-go injury plagued/medicore pitching has caused me turn off many of games during the second or third inning. The once good, now duct taped bullpen has to be happy to see this grueling season end.

This will be the last time we see some of these players in an Oriole uniform. Some I’ll be sad to see go, not many but a few. So I’ll be relieved to see leave. The Rocky Cherrys and (cross your fingers) Daniel Cabreras of the team will cause me fewer tears during their exit than during their tenture. Some players might be traded, released, or sign elsewhere.

It’s been a bad bad month, but let’s keep things in perspective. All the media outlets, a larger number of seasonable fans, and myself thought the 2008 Baltimore Orioles were going to be a historically bad team. 100 losses minimum. For 3/4ths of a season, this team kept it close. They won a lot of 1 run ball games and looked like they were having fun out there. They gave me a reason to want to watch again. Reality set in hard, but I’m not taking the season as a whole for granted. It’s been fun….for the most part.

So it’s one last go for the 2008 O’s. We have an offseason of rebuilding, Mark Teixiera rumors, and of course…plenty of Brian Roberts trade rumors as well. Let the fun begin anew.


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