How are those September Callups Doing?

Now that the season is almost done, its time enough to see how those players who got the call up from the minors have fared thus far in Baltimore. Some are prospects with at least some upside, some are medicore guys, and who knows about the rest.

Kam Mickolio

Kam was a player acquired in the Great Bedard Swindle of 2008. He’s been described as a raw power bullpen arm. He’s been in the minors for the bulk of the season, but got called up a few weeks ago.

Thus far it’s a mere 6.2 innings pitched, an unflattering 6.75 ERA, 5 runs, 4 BB, and 7 K.

It’s a small small sample size, so its hard to judge a guy on this when he’s just breaking in the majors. He’s got some talent, but he was 5th player in the Bedard trade. Not every player in a trade pans out, but he’s an incomplete at the moment.

Brian Bass came along from the Twins for straight up cash money. MacPhail said some flattering things about him because he’s supposed to. Honestly, any pitcher a team gets through during the waiver deadline isn’t going to be great. Brian Bass isn’t great. He doesn’t have any decisions, but he’s rocking a 6.00 ERA through 15 innings. 10 ER, 9 BB, and 9K…and he’s managed to hit 2 batters. Nothing special here.

Rocky Cherry came via the Steve Trachsel trade last season (another example of the fact teams don’t get great pitchers through waiver trades). I made the misguided push for him after a stellar spring. He’s up here and is another bandaid on a festering wound of a bullpen. in 16.2 innings, Cherry has a 4.86 ERA with 14 BB and 15 K. Cherry’s a medicore pitcher with no real upside.

Alfredo Simon had a dandy start last night until Jamie Walker threw it away. In 3 games (1 of those being a start), Alfredo (great name, by the way) sports a 4.91 ERA. 11 innings, 6 runs, 1 BB (that’s a nice number), and 8 K’s. He’s 27 and has been kicking around the minors for awhile. I like him though. He has a cool name and he doesn’t walk anybody. That’s worth something.

Bob McCrory came back. I suppose you could say he’s doing better. He had a 108.00 ERA when he returned to Baltimore. Now he’s got a 16.62. That’s an improvement.

Jim Miller came over during the Rodrigo Lopez trade a couple years ago. He’s toiled in the system and got called up once relievers’ arms began to fall off. So far, he’s done his job. He’s 0-2, but has a 1.17 ERA in 7.2 inning. The 8 K’s to 5 BB ratio isn’t lovely, but it is a small sample size.

Lou Montanez has been a swell story. He’s hit 3 HR and drove in 14 since his call up. He’s much better than Jay Payton out there and wouldn’t kill me to see him as a 4th outfielder next season.

Oscar Salazar is one of those guys who’ve been around for awhile, has a nice run and gets you excited but will likely only disappoint you down the road. He’s 30. He’ll be 31 next season. I think it’s safe to say, he’s not a key clog in the rebuilding effort.

Omir Santos is a backup catcher. He’s 1 for 7 and bats .143. Somewhere Paul Bako is proud.


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