O’s close out Yankee Stadium Tonight

In case you hadn’t heard, tonight the Orioles will be the last team to play against the Yankees in the last game ever at Yankee Stadium.

I think its rather fitting. The Yankees have had a disappointing season and won’t be going to the playoffs. Instead of a possible ALCS ESPN dream of a Red Sox/Yankees game to close it out, its the bumbling Orioles who get to close it out.

Yankee Stadium has its history. Everyone who remotely follows baseball knows about the history at Yankee Stadium. Its been drilled into us through every Sportscenter, ESPN/Fox Game of the Week, and all the meida like. Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, a boatload of World Series, and all the blissful Yankee lore of old. I hate the Yankees. Always have and always will. I respect the fact that back in day before you could buy the best players via free agency, that they had some of the best players in the game.

Now though, the house that Ruth Built will be closed by the Orioles. Chris Waters faces Andy Pettite tonight. I’d relish it if the O’s would whoop up on them tonight. That’d be a nice end of it for me anyways.


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