Dog Days Blues

In my three years of doing this blog, the last quarter of the season I lose my steam. The three quarters of each season, I’m usually on it and keep things going; at least I like to think. But as the O’s enter their yearly season end skid, I enter my own skid of indifference. I resolved this season would be different, but it hasn’t been. About two weeks ago, I was trying to somehow word “Daniel Cabrera has no control, Garrett Olson still has to have upside, and Rad Liz confounds me” differently for the thousandth time and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to say it…yet again. That’s why I had to step back and  take a break. I didn’t watch a game for at least a week. I went to beach. I hung out with my friends. I’ve been dating again, so that takes plenty of time (fyi we’ve been going out for about six weeks, so things are going well). Me and my friends watched football. I did what I wanted and besides box score watching, I ignored the O’s. I needed a break and I think the old batteries are back charged up for the final throws of yet another losing season.

All in all, it hasn’t been a bad season. I think I got spoiled. There was all the talk that the 2008 Orioles were going to be one of the worst teams ever. They came out and for three quarters of the season, they played at least respectable baseball. Then, albeit rather late, reality set in. Aside from Jeremy Guthrie, the pitching staff is either rushed prospects or just not very good. On top of those shortcomings, injuries set in. As a result of that, an already injury plagued bullpen became overworked by the struggles of starters who struggle to make it five innings on a good night. The offense has been good this year. This is the first time…ever…I think…that I haven’t done a Terry Crowley needs to get canned post every couple of weeks.

I think, or rather know, that I got spoiled by an overachieving ball club. Andy MacPhail is rebuilding this team and its not going to happen overnight. Chances are that the next couple of seasons are going to be something like this. When the young pitching makes through the minors on their terms of merit, rather than the old way of rushing them up because they had a few good outings at Bowie and another Baltimore starter is out. There still needs to be a longterm solution at short and the hole at first base.

On the positive, Nick Markakis and Adam Jones are 2/3rds of an outfield that’s going to be good for a long time. Luke Scott has been a nice addition to the O’s. Matt Wieters will in all likelihood be the starting catcher for the 2009 Baltimore Orioles. As long as Brian Roberts is around, the O’s will have a great leadoff hitter and one of the best second basemen in the game. Liz and Waters had back to back great starts, I’ll need a few more to get some faith back in ’em, but hey its still nice to see. Melvin Mora had a hot hot hot second half of baseball. Aubrey Huff has been mighty good this year. Whether its one last hurrah season or whether he’s just picked it up, it doesn’t matter at the moment. At least he’s playing his butt off. There’s plenty of pitching talent in the minors; a minor league system that for so long as been devoid of any pitching talent.

So I’m back. We’re all in this one together. The Orioles are getting better. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, but for once it seems a plan is in place and its being followed. So now that I’ve regrouped and got a breather and took a step back…its time to get back to it. I’m in the haul, but I think I’m going to make things a little looser around here. It makes it easier to take the losing, if you can laugh about it sometimes and other times just let the frustrations loose a bit. So hey, its good. Let’s get back to some baseball.


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  1. Keep it up, man. It’s great to read your posts.

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