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Peter Schmuck thinks that the O’s will_go_after_Paul_Byrd_type_free_agent_pitchers_this_offseason. He thinks we’ll sign two of them. I’m figuring by Paul Byrd type he means, medicore older guys who win about as many games as they lose. Proof of my defination can be seen here.

That’s not a horrible plan. Shoot, I’d love to see the O’s sign CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets this offseason. That’s not happening though. It could happen if the O’s grossly overpay but that’s not happening on MacPhail’s watch. Seeing the pitching staff implode yet again during the final weeks of the season, makes me halfway like this plan. It all depends on the ‘Paul Byrd’ type pitchers you sign. Seeing Oriole pitchers wear out, fall apart mechanically, get hurt, or just stink during the last month of year has gotten old over the past three seasons.

A couple reasons why it makes some sense:

  • Having a medicore vet as a stopgap hopefully prevents the team from rushing legit pitching prospects to the majors.
  • Having someone(s) who’ve managed to pitch a full season a few times would be nice.
  • Maybe one of them would bump Daniel Cabrera from the rotaton.

Who pray tell are these pitchers?

*Please note that I’m only focusing on the downside of 30 pitchers.

  • Paul Byrd himself- Since being traded to Boston he’s 4-1 with a 3.82 ERA. Not bad for a 37 year old pitcher. He almost signed with Baltimore two seasons ago, but went to Cleveland at the 11th hour. For a one year deal, I’d be fine with this.
  • Derek Lowe- He’s 12-11 with a 3.53 ERA with the Dodgers this season. He’s 35. Shoot, I won’t mind seeing him signing a 2 year deal with an option for a 3rd.
  • Andy Pettite- He’s 37 and having an average season (13-12) with a 4.49 ERA. This won’t happen because he’ll retire if he’s not pitching for the Yankees. Besides, I wouldn’t take kind to seeing an aging Andy Pettite in orange and black.
  • Mike Hampton- Hampton, 35, signed a billion dollar deal with the Rockies a while back and promptly broke down. He’s been traded twice and has missed the past 2 seasons and the bulk of this season  for the Braves with injury. Pass on this one.
  • Mike Mussina- Moose is 40 and sports a shiny 17-8 record this season. Would everyone be able to forgive and forget about the fact he left the O’s and went to the Yanks. I could (because he got lowballed by the O’s back then with that offer). It’d be a nice ending.
  • John Smoltz- Smoltz is 42 and would be coming off surgery. He’s said he’d be open to the idea of finishing his career somewhere other than Atlanta if they have other plans. He also said he wants to return to the playoffs before his career is done. I don’t see this one happening.
  • Pedro Martinez- Martinez, 36, is coming off an injury plagued year and hasn’t looked too hot with a 5.44 ERA.
  • Steve Trachsel- Syke!

There’s some others out there. If the team were to sign Byrd and Lowe, I’d be cool. That’s a rotation of Guthrie, Lowe, Byrd, and two others from the bunch of Olson, Cabrera, Penn, Bergesen, Liz, and any others in the system who could possibly be ready.

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