What’s happened in Birdland this week?

  • Jim Johnson has been shut_down_for_the_rest_of_the_season. Roch says that the team is saying it’s just a combination of wear and tear and inflammation…and not a torn labrum. If that was the case, what a freakish awful coincidence that’d be. Three pitchers in the same season having torn labrums.

           Remember that awesome bullpen the team had for the first 2/3rds of the season? Matt Albers did a killer job in long relief. Randor Bierd had a nice run. Chad Bradford was doing his thing. Jim Johnson was throwing nasty setup heat. George Sherrill specialized in tightrope walking death defying save opportunities. Now Albers is out indefinately, Bierd got hurt and hasn’t been same since. Bradford’s traded. Johnson is out for the season, and Sherrill’s hurt still. The bullpen’s back to its horrid past seasons level. I fulled expect John Halama or Jim Brower to start warming any time now. Seriously.

It’s that bad. Last night, they walked 8_batters_in_a_mere_3_innings. Brian Burres walked 2 and gave up 2 runs without recording an out. Kam Mickolio walked 3 and gave up 3 runs, but managed to record a single out. Yeah, it’s pretty ugly right now.

  • Dave_Trembley_will_back_as_manager_next_season. I’m sure he felt good things got worked out before that drumming the O’s got by the A’s last night (7th straight loss for the record). Trembley returning is fine with me. His bullpen management, when he actually had one, was somewhat suspect but all managers have their shortcomings. Trembley does get the team to play hard and with some spirit. He’s a bit of a rah-rah guy and that’s what the team needs. The extension is only for next season with an option for 2010. It appears that the team isn’t tying themselves down to Trembley yet.
  • Some good news, Troy_Patton_ is working out and feeling good. It appears he’ll be a go for Spring Training.
  • A bevy of minor_moves_happened.

         To recap:

                 Fernando Cabrera was released. When you look at his 5.40 ERA and 9 HR surrendered in 28 innings, it’s no surprise.

Brandon Fahey has been recalled. hooray.

Eider Torres was designated for asssignment. Presumably he’ll return to Norfolk.

The O’s aquired pitcher Brian Bass from the Twins for either a PTBNL or Cash money. Bass is a reliever with some starting experience.

The O’s purchased pitcher Alfredo Simon’s contract from Norfolk, he also has starting experience but will probably go to the pen. Again though, with the rotation duct taped together at the moment, nothing is certain.

Catcher Omir Santas’ contract was also purchased from Norfolk.

Chris Ray has been moved to the 60 Day DL, ending any hope that he’ll play this season.

That’s quite a bevy of minor moves.





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