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It’s that time of year again

Some things are a yearly sign of Summer’s end. Kids go back to school, Labor Day, Football season kicking off, and the Orioles going into a complete tailspin. As usual, this big old Earth keeps spinning around and these same old things keep happening.

With the Labor Day, work, the woman, friends, and doing what I want, I’ve avoided watching the freefall this season. The past two weeks I’ve might have watched a total of 10 innings. I know, shame on me. I do an O’s blog and haven’t watched the games lately. Truth is, I tried on Sunday but Guthrie didn’t have his stuff so I decided to go to cookout early. Yesterday, I decided to have an night in and turned the game on. Much to my despair, Radhames Liz was throwing batting practice to the Sox. After 2 innings, and what seemed to be 25 runs surrendered, I called it a night on that one. I’m off early today, so I get the treat of a rare Lance Cormier start. Yeah, I’m excited about that.

Honestly, it stinks. We were spoiled by the team playing decent ball for 3/4ths of the season. What the team has looked like the past couple of weeks was what I feared this team would look like all season. Now reality has set in, albeit quite late. The offense has been ok, but the starting pitching and to a slightly lesser degree, the bullpen has been three shades of ugly.

So here’s a few questions

  • Do you have any hope at all left in the futures of Garrett Olson and Radhames Liz?
  • How much of the pitching woes do you blame on pitching coach Rick Krantiz?
  • Are you getting cranky that any of the Double A Bowie Boys are still down there?
  • Are you wanting some big bucks to be spent on free agent pitcher?
  • Why can’t our pitchers throw a single stinking strike?

Here’s the way I feel

  • I’m not optimistic about either of these kids. Say what you will about them being rushed. They were and they were. I’ll agree with you on that. Olson seems to be a two pitch pitchers, with neither pitches being that good and zero confidence. I doubt after this season Liz will be a starter again, personal opinion. I’ve read the articles that forecasted him being a bullpen guy, but for him to even do that well, he has to settle down. I’m not writing them off yet, that would be hasty. But I’ll just say I’m not very confident in either of these guys being anchors in the rotations.
  • Leo Mazzone doesn’t look bad now does he? Krantiz doesn’t have much to work with outside of Guthrie. If he could could figure out Daniel Cabrera, I’d want the guy to be up for sainthood. I’ll give him a pass on that. I’ll even give him a pass on Brian Burres because Burres is what he is and he isn’t is a starting pitcher. What I am disappointed with is the fact that Olson and Liz have seemed to regressed through the course of the season. Krantiz is a guy who was touted in Florida as a guy who worked well with young pitching and I haven’t seen too much of that this season. Perhaps its that the young pitchers that he’s had to work with just aren’t that good. He hasn’t even been pitching coach for a full season yet, so some time should be given before Krantiz gets the old Terry Crowley treatment (who apparently stumbled into genius this season).
  • Great idea. Let’s do what every other previous Orioles regime has done. Let’s pull any kid pitcher with any sort of talent up early, throw him to wolves, destroy his confidence, send him back down a few starts later, and do the same thing again to another one. Berken, Tillman, Hernandez, Bergesen, and pretty much every other pitcher on Bowie’s roster has had a good season. The worst thing to do to them would be to pull them up now toss them into the yearly tailspin. Bowie’s playing for a championship. That’s great. Let these kids play for something and get some minor league playoff experience. It’ll do them better than sitting on the bench or getting shelled by the Red Sox. Spring Training, give them an invite and go from there.
  • A free agent pitcher signing would be nice. There’s some young pitchers coming up in the O’s system but not every one of them will translate into a major league pitcher. CC Sabathia or Ben Sheets ain’t coming, but if he can every stay healthy, I wouldn’t oppose an AJ Burdette signing.
  • Yeah, O’s pitching has walked a lot…lot….of batters this season. Seems like Daniel Cabrera has taken over as pitching coach.

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