One gets hurt, Another nears return

It’s the circle of life, I suppose.

Melvin Mora pulled_up_lame_running_out_a_grounder_last_night. Offical word is that he’s merely day to day with a strained left hamstring, but these things can prove to be slightly nagging. Cheers to Mora though for giving 100% on that grounder though. Too often we’ve seen others (especially in years past… assume away) dog it out.

With Mora dinged up, Adam_jones_is close to returning. He’s getting to working out and looks to play a simulated game or do some more bp. But apparently he’s close to returning. Good.

With that good news, there’s some more bad news, if that’s how you want to take it.

Chris Ray had a minor setback (info in Adam Jones link) and will not be playing at all this season.

Sez Trembley

“You can cross Chris Ray’s name off the list. He will not be a September callup,” said Trembley. “Andy, Chris Ray and myself, we all mutually agree. There’s no purpose of him being active in September. He’s done a great job. He’s going to complete his program with [Class A] Aberdeen. He’s going to have a normal winter of rest, come to Spring Training and then go from there. There’s no purpose of him rejoining us in September. There’s nothing to be gained from that.”

George Sherrill had a minor setback in rehab, but should return soon as well.

Circle of Life, one goes down, another will take their place.


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