Humpday Links: 50th Million Fan edition

It’s Wednesday, so let’s take a gander what’s going on everywhere but here.

  • Camden Yards welcomed_its_50th_Million_Fan_last_night. My biggest fear was that since the event coincided with a Red Sox game, that it’d be a Red Sox fan, but it was a true blue (or orange) Oriole fan. I read that certain measures would be taken to make sure take it was an O’s fan, but as paranoid as I can be, I pictured some Red Sox fan wearing Oriole gear getting. Then at presentation, he rips off his O’s shirt to reveal a Red Sox shirt and yells “RED SAWX RULE!” Thankfully my irrational fears were unfounded. Congrads to Kevin. That’s awesome.
  • Roar from 34 is on a brief hiatus (hopefully it won’t be too long). Before going though there’s a look at a could have been rivalry_between the O’s and the Indians.
  • In case you didn’t know it, Mark Teixiera is a free agent after the season. There’s some folks that would like to see in Baltimore. I wouldn’t mind it, but I don’t want the O’s to sign him to some crazy 10 year 300 million dollar deal. I was alerted to this_petition. Act accordingly.
  • Not a link, but I need to take care of this anyway. I was asked this weekend what I thought the future holds for Legendary Lou Montanez. I’m going to have to take a guess on this one. He looks good at the plate, but his outfield defense needs some work. He has first round talent, but I think he’s going to a 4th outfielder. I would love to be proved wrong.
  • On a personal note, I saw an amusing name Monday night. I’m backing dating again (hooray for me) and that’s the reason my posts have been somewhat briefer than usual. Anyhoo, we were at the Drive game Monday (only the second one I’ve been all season….really disappointing that I hadn’t been to more) and one of the Drive’s players is none other than one David_Mailman. We got a kick out of than and gave out the aptly “Please Deliver Mailman!” cheer. We were on the 4th row behind the on deck circle, so here loud cries were heard. Since we have a give take relationship, I got the ballgame in with no argument and two things this weekend, so tonight I have to give. Giving in this case would be going to Yoga. Which amuses me and frankly scares me a little, but it “would be nice” if I could go. I believe that’s code for “you SHOULD go.” I’m sure I’ll be posting tomorrow with some unusual strained muscle. I’m going to oblige under the condition that she doesn’t point and laugh. Laugh if you must (and you probably should if you knew me).

Have a good rest of the day. I’m going to take a nap before I go and find muscles that I didn’t know I had hurt.


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