Sherrill to the DL

George Sherrill is heading_to_the_15_day DL. Left shoulder inflammation is the reason of the move. Sherrill hasn’t looked himself since his 2.1 inning stint in the All Star game.

Says Trembley of the possibility the All Star stint leading to the injury

“I don’t know, that would be pure speculation,” Trembley said. “I think that would be easy to fall back on and point fingers at, and I’d prefer to take the high road and stay away from that.”

That sounds like a polite way of saying using our closer for 2.1 innings in an exhibition game is the reason his shoulder is cranky.

So now the question is who closes? Jim Johnson appears to the be leading candidate. The said article said he would have closed last night if there was a save chance. Honestly, who else? Jamie Walker? Noooo. Dennis Sarfate? He would be someone who could possibly be a closer (aside from his control issues) but I think he needs some mop up work after the starter fiasco. Rocky Cherry? No. Albert Castillo? He’s done fine enough, I’m not convinced. Johnson it is!


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