Injury News Roundup

Roch has an_injury_news_roundup.

  • George Sherrill is hurting and had an MRI today. Thanks Terry Francota
  • Chris Ray is pitching in the minors and its possible he makes a cameo in Baltimore this season.
  • Matt Albers is trying to avoid the surgery Troy Patton had. He’s throwing pitching off the mound and will do a little batting practice later in the week.
  • I didn’t know Greg Acquino was hurt, but he is. He’s back in the minors rehabbing. I’m hoping that’s where he’ll stay.
  • Hamball Pitcher Danys Baez is looking to be a full go for next season’s spring training. hurrah hooray!
  • Most Importantly, Adam Jones is rehabbing and will do some batting practice at week’s end. There’ll be no more CT scans, so I suppose that’s a good thing.

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