Dead Horse Topics

Over the course of the season, the same issues with the team or certain players go on and on through out the year. I think the issue needs addressing, to realize that I had done several posts on it already. So here’s a few topics I’m swearing off til season’s end. If something big happens with said issue, then I’ll swear it off.

  • Daniel Cabrera is an inconsistent pitcher. I know this. You know this. He’s great one night and the next he’s terrible. Newsflash…he throws a lot balls. He is what he is and I’m not doing the “Maybe he turned the corner” post and next week do the “He stinks” post. No sir, not gonna do it.
  • The O’s need a shortstop. It’s been a revolving door all season and none of them have been any good. Juan Castro hasn’t been awful and he plays good defense. He’s 36 though, so he’s no longterm solution. Brandon Fahey, Luis Hernandez, Eider Torres, Alex Cintron, Freddie Bynum….blah. This is will get dealt with in the offseason and at this point in the season, there’s no reason to get worked up into a lather over it.
  • Besides Jeremy Guthrie, the rotation is pretty bad. Guthrie and Cabrera are the last two men standing from the opening day rotation. Steve Trachsel has ridden off into the good night, Adam Loewen is learning a new trade, Garrett Olson took too many lumps and will toil his craft in the bullpen or Norfolk. So it’s Guthrie, Cabrera, Chris Waters, ____ _______, and _____ _______. The starting pitching is going to give up some runs….a lot some nights because it’s not a major league rotation. A lot of the organizational pitching talent is at AA or A level. MacPhail doesn’t want to rush them as prior adminstrations have so we’re seeing some warm bodies and possibly a few come up who could have some talent (Bergesen or the snakebitten Penn). It’s another lost season is Baltimore, why sake some pitchers future for rushing some kids up for the sake of bringing them up.
  • Do bring up Matt Wieters/Don’t bring Matt Wieters up. For record, I’m in the Don’t Bring up Matt Wieters camp. Bring him to Spring Training next season and he’ll make the team no doubt. This is his first year in professional baseball. It’s a longer season and he’s got stuff to learn. Let him crush it and have a fat year in the minors. He’s fast track anyway… I don’t see the point in rushing him to see him this season.

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